Professional English Language 3-Month course

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To be eligible for an advanced speaking course, a learner must have a bachelor’s and master’s degree to take the course.

1) 11 rules of linking sound for understanding a native speaker
2) Discussion class for fluent speaking
3) Develop the ability to think in English without translating in your head
Learn Cambridge's 4) 60-chapter vocabulary words, phrases, and idioms
5) Studying tedious & confusing grammar rules
6) Use of causative verbs
7) weekly written test
8) fluency test
9) Certification upon successful completion of the course

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3 Months Course

Don't miss your chance

Limited Time Offer



To be eligible for the Professional English course, the learner must be matriculated to take the course.

Stage 1

1)Basic Rules of Pronunciation (44 phonetic sounds) tongue twister
2) Correct use of tense (past, present, future)
3)use of appropriate adjectives and adverbs
4) Cambridge Basic English Vocabulary 60 chapters
5(weekly written test
6) weekly fluency test
Monthly free workshop (preposition)
7) issued a monthly certificate after taking the test

Stage 2

1)pronunciation 11 rules of linking sounds tongue twister
2( proper use of Modal verbs
3)confusing grammar rules
4)Cambridge advanced English vocabulary 60 chapters
5) weekly test
6)weekly presentation
7)Monthly free workshop (verb)
8)issued two months complete certification after taking the test

Stage 3

1)connected speech, catenation, liaison, intrusion, Elision Assimilation Geminates, Reduction\contraction, slang
2)proper use of conditional sentence
3(Vocabulary American English conversational
4(weekly test
5)weekly speech competition
6)Monthly free workshop(Narration)
7)issued 3months complete certification

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